Kate Scott Photography


FFS=Franz Ferdinand + Sparks

October 8, 2015. Vic Theatre, Chicago.

When two bands come together to form a 'supergroup', it can just be a case of celebrity and repetition. So when I learned that one of my favorite bands was forming a group with a prog rock band from the 70s, I was skeptical. But, when they started releasing singles earlier this year, including the wonderfully ironic "Collaborations Don't Work", they quickly became the most exciting group I'd heard in a long time.

I photographed the band  amongst an audience of Franz and Sparks fans united. The energy exuded by Franz' lead singer Alex Kapranos was reminiscent of the shows I saw in high school, emitting energy and awkward grace as he sang with his distinct and deep Scottish brogue.  

But, what really threw me for a loop was the utter genius of Russell and Ron Mael. As Russell hit notes that reminded me of Freddie Mercury's vocal range and Ron played keyboard with a flawlessly robotic expression, I found myself captivated and searching for more room on the dance floor to jump and scream.

Thank you, FFS, for giving me the opportunity to photograph such a stellar concert.